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Practice - Estate Planning and Asset Protection

Firsel Ross utilizes their highest quality of service to focus on advising clients in estate planning, business succession planning and asset preservation and protection planning, in providing for clients to achieve their business and personal goals and objectives.   We offer support and services for the following:

  • Estate Planning: Preparing wills, trusts (both revocable and irrevocable), powers of attorney and other related estate planning documents, which can be used not only upon death but during lifetime to enable wealth to pass to a client’s intended beneficiaries in the most efficient tax manner.
  • Business Succession Planning: We work closely with our clients to develop a plan that will minimize estate tax on their death while at the same time passing the business on to the next generation.   We incorporate multi-generational estate plans with LLC operating agreements, family partnership agreements  and shareholder buy-sell agreements.
  • Probate, Estate and Trust Administration: We advise fiduciaries charged with the administration of estates and trusts.  The probate estates we administer include both decedent’s estates  as well as guardianship estates for minors and disabled adults.   The trusts we administer vary in size and complexity.
  • Charitable Planning and Giving: We advise and assist our clients in creating vehicles for the purposes of tax-effective charitable contributions through the creation and administration of trusts, funds and private foundations.
  • Asset Protection and Preservation: We advise clients in finding the best techniques that can be employed to minimize or defer income or income taxes, structuring and other means to preserve and protect a client’s wealth.
  • Premarital Agreements: We draft premarital and postmarital agreements and advise clients regarding the form of asset ownership in anticipation of marriage.  We also work closely with divorce attorneys to minimize the tax consequences associated with dissolution of marriage.


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The attorneys at Firsel Ross are available to comment as experts on a wide variety of legal and business topics:
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